Bone Grafting

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It is common to experience bone loss around the teeth as a result of progressive disease, infection or trauma. However, bone loss can limit our ability to restore your smile using methods like dental implants or implant supported dentures.

We offer bone augmentation and bone grafting procedures to replace lost bone. Bone grafting can also restore the proper facial contours where bone is missing in the font of the mouth.

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Bone Loss Occurs After Tooth Loss

Bone Grafting in Arlington, TX

When you lose a tooth, the bone that surrounds that tooth will start to deteriorate without the stimulation of the root. If enough time passes and you continue to lose volume in your jaw bone, it can become more and more difficult to replace your tooth with a dental implant. You will need to have a bone graft to restore bone volume before a dental implant can be placed. Arlington Periodontics is a periodontal office offering patients ridge augmentation bone grafting in Arlington, TX.

You can also experience bone loss due to trauma or infection from extensive decay. You may even want to restore a “sunken” appearance in your cheeks and face due to tooth or bone loss. Bone grafting can fix these problems as well. There are three different types of bone grafting procedures. Our doctor will explain all of your options and determine which one is best for your specific dental needs.

The three types of bone grafting procedures are xenograft, autogenous, and allograft. In these different procedures, donor bone is used to increase areas with low bone volume. The donor bone is taken either from the patient, a screened human donor, or screened donor bone from a non-human source, such as a cow. All methods are extremely safe.

Before the procedure, our doctor will ensure you are properly numbed to allow for the most comfortable visit possible. Access incisions are made, the site prepared for the graft and the new bone is placed, covered with a collagen membrane and the augmented site sutured closed. Your bone will have to replace the bone in the augmented site, fully integrate and heal before a dental implant can be placed. Our doctor will make sure you have any needed antibiotics and/or pain medication and might put you on a temporary soft food diet to promote healing. It will likely be approximately 4 months before your jaw bone is ready to receive a dental implant.

If you want a dental implant but think you might have too much bone loss, call Arlington Periodontics today. We will be happy to provide more information about bone grafting options in Arlington, TX.