National Organizations


American Academy of Periodontology

737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60611-6660, Phone: 312-787-5518
Member, 1966 - Present
IV Sedation Subcommittee, 1976-1978
1996 World Workshop in Periodontics, Vice-Chairman, 1992-1996
Annual Sessions Committee, 1983
Annual Sessions Committee, Chairman, 1988-1989
Board of Trustees, District V Representative, 1982-1988
Clinical Practice Affairs Committee, 1983-1990
Continuing Education Committee, 1974-1975
Continuing Education Oversight Committee, Consultant, 1997
Dental Care Programs Committee, District V Representative, 1977-1982
Education Standards Consensus Conference, Participant, 1991
Executive Committee, 1989-1995
Feasibility of an AAP Foundation Study Committee, Chairman, 1990-1991
National Implant Registry Meetings, AAP Representative, 1989-1991
Pain and Anxiety Control Committee, Chairman, 1984-1990
Pain and Anxiety Control, Consultant, 1990-2004
Pharmacotherapeutics Committee, 1988-1990
Policy Manual Committee, Chairman, 1982-1983
Pre-doctoral Education and Accreditation Subcommittee, 1970-1973
Vice-President, President- Elect, 1991-1993
President, 1993-1994
Immediate Past-President, Board of Trustees , 1994-1995
Professional Liability Committee, 1986-1987
Site Selection committee for the 1991 Annual Meeting, Chairman, 1983-1984
Treasurer, 1989-1991
World Workshop in Periodontics, Participant, 1989

National Dental Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group

Board of Directors, Member, 1986-1994
Underwriting and Marketing Committee, Member, 1986-1994

American College of Dentists

Executive Office, American College of Dentists, 839J Quince Orchard Boulevard Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878-1614, 301-977-3223.
Fellow, 1992 - Present

American Academy of Periodontology Foundation

737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60611-6660, Phone: 800-282-4867, ext. 3256
Board of Directors, 1991-1995
Clinical Research Awards Recipients Selection Committee, 1997-2013
Founding President, 1991-1993
Council of Past-Presidents, 1994-2013

American Dental Association

211 East Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611-2678, 312-440-2500
Member, 1962 - Present
Council on Scientific Affairs, Consultant, 1996-2010
Licensure Conference, Participant, 1992
Risk Management Guidelines for the Use of Conscious Sedation in the Dental Office Workshop, Participant , 1987-1990
Task Force on Anesthesia, Member, 1996-2001

Saul Schluger and William Ammons Study Club

University of Washington School of Dentistry
Member, Founding Member, 1970 - Present
Organizing Committee, 1970-1971
Saul Schluger Appreciation Dinner at the AAP Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, Chairman, 1977-1983
Vice-Chairman, Fund Raising Committee for the Saul Schluger Endowed Chair in Periodontics at the University of Washington, 1986-1991

International College of Dentists

G3535 Beecher Road, Suite G, Flint, MI 48532-2700, Phone/Fax Tel: 1-810-820-3087
Fellow, 1999 - Present