Implant Supported Dentures

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures Include:

  • Increased stability
  • Ability to eat and speak with confidence
  • No more discomfort
  • Secure fit
  • No embarrassing clicking sounds

Implant Dentures in Arlington, TX

Did you know that even if you have dentures already, you can still benefit from the placement of dental implants and their stability? Implant supported dentures are dentures that can be removable or permanently fixed in place over the implants in your jaw bone. Arlington Periodontics is a periodontal office providing patients with implants that support dentures with the help of the family dentist or a prosthodontist in Arlington, TX.

Implant supported dentures are dentures that can be attached to dental implants placed in your jaw. The teeth implants will stabilize and maintain your jaw bone levels while securing your denture plate in place without having to use sticky paste or adhesives. The dentures snap into place over the implants, allowing easy removal for cleaning, or you can have them securely attached together to function as permanent teeth.


Two Types of Implant Supported Dentures

Bar Retained Dentures

Three or more teeth implants are placed in your jaw bone. A metal bar runs across the teeth implants. Metal clips are attached to the bottom of the dentures and these metal pieces snap together for a secure but removable fit. This option eliminates any painful rubbing or slipping that is common with traditional appliances, especially lower dentures.

Ball Retained Dentures

Ball retained dentures utilize ball and socket pieces to fit together. The dentures will have socket pieces attached along the rim that will match up with ball pieces on the teeth implants in your jaw bone. The ball and socket pieces fit together firmly and often allow for even a more secure fit than bar retained dentures. Patients can eat whatever they want and speak confidently.

Implant supported dentures are most often used on the lower jaw where slippage and rubbing are more common, but they can be utilized on the upper jaw as well. Arlington Periodontics will discuss all of your teeth replacement options with implants and determine which one is best for you. Enjoy a truly secure denture and speak with confidence! Call Arlington Periodontics in Arlington, TX to schedule your consultation today.