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Meet Doctor Tibbetts

Dr. Leonard Tibbetts, DDS, MSD

Dr. TibbetsIn my Arlington career, which began in 1971, I have had the honor of providing specialized periodontal services – starting with a focus on the patient in my office, but extending to a national level.

An early childhood illness lead me into the medical field. Medical practice has the potential to restore health. It has with me. And, it can provide a normal lifestyle. My concern has been not only with the end result, but also with the process. I’m very conscious of the process of surgery and healing; I have been on the forefront of practicing techniques that minimize pain and discomfort during that process.

The specialized field of periodontology has seen many advances over the past decades. These advances have extended the range of treatments and improved outcomes. it again has been my pleasure to have contributed to the advancement of the field, in areas of microsurgery, osseous surgery, and conscious sedation.

The theme through my career is a focus on patient treatment and care. With you or your patient, you can expect to have decades of experience and a knowledge of the latest advances in the field.

- Dr. Leonard S. Tibbetts

Honors and Awards

  • Master Clinician Award, American Academy of Periodontology, 2012
  • Gold Metal Award, American Academy of Periodontology, 2002
  • Graduate Periodontics , 1998-1999
  • Presidential Award, American Academy of Periodontology, 1998
  • Visiting Saul Schluger Professor of Periodontics, University of Washington
  • Fellowship Award, American Academy of Periodontology, 1997
  • Leadership Award, American Academy of Periodontology Foundation, 1997
  • Excellence Award, American Academy of Periodontology Foundation, 1995
  • Certificate of Appreciation, American Academy of Periodontology , 1987
  • Special Citation, American Academy of Periodontology, 1987, 1991, 1997
  • Paul Harris Fellowship, Downtown Arlington Rotary Club, 1981